The Year 2020: A Real Pain

For the thousands, hundreds, one or two of you who read these posts even semi-regularly, you probably have noticed that I have been absent for the past few weeks. Well, I managed to have a medical adventure in the midst of a global pandemic. I passed a kidney stone and that was a real pain, much like the year 2020 in total.

So what did I miss?

Well, millions remain unemployed. People are still contracting the virus and dying throughout the USA and the world. And while rejecting the advice of  health care experts and ignoring common sense, the “patriots” among us continue to refuse to wear a mask or social distance in public. Heck, these geniuses can’t even walk the right way in the clearly marked aisles of a grocery store. Like dude. Follow the damn arrow. I digress.

And the Republicans and Democrats both held their virtual conventions. I didn’t watch either. But the talking heads on MSNBC were giddy about the Dems. Not so much about the GOP.

And that to some extent troubles me. Most of us — myself included — tend to live in an information bubble these days. We only read and listen to so-called news outlets that confirm and reinforce our already existing view of the world.

That’s why the liberals these days flock to MSNBC and CNN. While conservatives take comfort listening to talk radio and watching Fox News.

And here’s the rub. I don’t sense that the liberal pundits have great enthusiasm for Biden. They clearly hate Trump. But if that takes us back to the “lessor of two evils” choice that many of us had in 2016, does that bode well for Democrats in November?

Michael Moore, the filmmaker and liberal advocate, views this as a problem. And I agree.

Here’s an article from the Daily Mail:

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has warned Democrats that they seem to be engaging in the same election-losing mistakes they did in 2016, after new polls show President Trump‘s popularity among swing state voters is on the rise. 

Back in 2016, Moore was one of a handful of political activists who had predicted that Trump would defeat Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton at the polls. 

And in a Facebook post Friday, Moore said it is starting to look like Trump could pull off another win, as he urged people to register to vote.

He then asked: ‘Are you ready for a Trump victory? Are you mentally prepared to be outsmarted by Trump again? Do you find comfort in your certainty that there is no way Trump can win? Are you content with the trust you’ve placed in the DNC to pull this off?’

Moore noted that the confidence was misplaced, as it seemed like the Democrats are heading down the path of making the same mistakes they made during Clinton’s campaign.

Oh, my.

If we want Trump out of the White House in January, then maybe we should approach this election as though Biden was the underdog and go about our business of registering and then voting as though he was way behind in the polls. Just because the folks on MSNBC are lined up solidly in support of Biden doesn’t change the reality that Trump supporters are fired up and ready to do whatever it takes to reelect the Doofus-in-Chief.

Are the Dems equally as enthusiastic? I don’t think so.


I’ll admit that I’m not all that enthusiastic about Joe Biden. I’ll vote for him but I still believe Bernie was the better choice — and I don’t care how hard or long Trump shouted “socialist.”

Bernie’s supporters were enthusiastic — and if they sit this election out we are going to see four more years of Trump.

And that is a prospect that is more painful than any kidney stone.