A Fly Wins The Debate

You have to admit that last night’s “debate” between Pence and Harris wasn’t as big a shit show as the one last week with the two Presidential candidates. Well, that’s unless you buy into the conspiracy theory that the DNC somehow managed to unleash a fly that attached itself to Pence’s head, highlighting that the VP is pretty much just a pile of dung.

Hard to believe I actually wrote that. Oh well.


Actually, I discount that conspiracy theory. I seriously doubt that the DNC is smart enough to do that . Or most anything else for that matter.

But I do have a theory for how the fly managed to gain the attention of a nation desperately wanting to get some info from these political gasbags.


I’m not sure what constitutes a good debate. But I know that these days we are a long way from the classic confrontations of let’s say Lincoln and Douglas. The candidates really don’t even make an attempt to answer the questions they are asked. And to the extent that they are stringing a series of words together the result is mostly a barrage of lies and bullet points taken from their campaign websites.

Oh well. We elected a reality TV personality in 2016. And the so-called debates are really nothing more than reality TV shows: all sound and fury with no substance. Kind of like studio wrestling without the divas.

So it’s not hard to understand why a fly can emerge as the star of the broadcast. 

And now the second Presidential debate has been scheduled for October 15 in a format that has been described as a virtual townhall. Trump says this would be a waste of time and won’t attend. Presumably he would rather be face to face in a crowded venue where he can infect others with the virus. I digress.

Yet I have to believe that Biden is already preparing for the next debate.