Profiles In Cowardice

John F. Kennedy, before he became President, wrote a widely acclaimed book, Profiles in Courage. In the book, Kennedy profiled eight U.S. senators, describing acts of bravery and integrity.

I watched last week as the Senate moved ahead with the second impeachment trial of former POTUS Trump. And as far as the Republicans in the Senate are concerned, if Kennedy tried to write a similar book today he would be hard pressed to fill an abbreviated Cliffs Notes.

Clearly, there wasn’t much bravery or integrity on display in the Senate chamber last week as 43 Republicans voted to acquit — and then many, including Moscow Mitch, took to the airwaves or social media to proclaim that yes Trump was responsible and should be held accountable.

Ah, can’t have it both ways, dudes. I digress.

Anyway, it appears that Trump’s defense and the Republican position came down to pretty much this:


Okay. Maybe a more detailed explanation is in order.


So it goes.

Like I said, the update to Kennedy’s book will be titled, Profiles in Cowardice.

And for the leaders of the Republican Party, I guess in this case their strategy did pay off, as predicted by another author, George Orwell, in his book, 1984.