The Snoopy Chronicles

A hat tip to my guest writer, Snoopy. It looks like after months (years?) of endless investigations and speculation, a grand jury in New York is going to criminally charge the ex-POTUS Trump for violations relating to an alleged affair (and subsequent hush money payments and record keeping) involving the porn star Stormy Daniels.

Sweet Maria!

Melania must be so proud.

I digress.

In any event I doubt that this case against Trump, which appears to hinge at this point on an untested legal theory involving campaign financing record keeping, is the strongest indictment that can be made against the ex-prez. But the fact that Stormy Daniels is involved guarantees maximum media coverage. Go figure. The only thing that could top that would be if Megan and Harry were selected to serve on the jury if a case ever goes to trial. Seriously, I doubt that other criminal investigations—such as his alleged involvement with the attempted January 6 overthrow of our government, financial corruption at the Trump organization, and election fraud in Georgia—will attract enough interest to warrant an episode on the Judge Judy show. Only the talking heads on MSNBC are giddy with excitement about those developments. But with Stormy the ratings sky is limitless. I digress again.

Okay. If and when Trump is indicted this will be a shit show from beginning to end. Here is why.

One, Trump believes he is still president and therefore somehow above the law.

Two, he still has plenty of support among elected and non elected Republicans.

Three, his legal team attracts attention but doesn’t exhibit much expertise.

And four, Trump never appears to stand on the moral or ethical high ground. Consequently, even if convicted, he isn’t going to lose support among the Christian Nationalists who now control the Republican Party.

So it goes.

And in the end maybe Snoopy will be right.

It will take a porn star to save America.