The Summer Of Omarosa

I guess it’s a good thing that nothing is happening with the Mueller investigation, the Manafort trial or the wildfires that are charring California. Oh wait. How would we know?

It’s the summer of Omarosa.


For those of you living in the wilderness somewhere without access to any form of print or electronic media, Omarosa is the celebrity who came to fame during the Apprentice and then rode that horse to a senior position in the Trump White House. Now she is out with a book, Unhinged, that has the talking gasbags on cable news and elsewhere wetting their shorts and panties.

Hey. Who says this isn’t a great country?

And for all I know, Omarosa might be a sweet, caring lady who only has the country’s best interest at heart.

Still, I wonder if the day Omarosa took the White House job she began plotting how she could best leverage her exit? After all, that seems to be the culture for those who can successfully navigate the swamp inside the beltway.

A few thoughts on this fiasco:

Listening to the interviews with Omarosa is a waste of time. Even if what she is saying is credible (a big if) there is nothing that she can reveal that will change anyone’s view of the Prez. He was elected in part by the reality TV circus of an election that was created in large part by the same so-called journalists and out-of-government-but-waiting-to-return pundits who now spend their days slamming Trump. The time to really challenge Trump on his views and positions was prior to election day 2016, but the media folks for the most part gave him a pass because he made for good TV.  And when you elect a clown,  you have to expect a circus. In this regard, Trump did not disappoint.


Second, even for the reporters who openly dislike Trump and the Republicans, this must be a tough story to cover. American journalism has never been “fair and balanced,” but sitting down for a conversation with Omarosa must make even the most ratings conscious scribbler gag a little while keeping a barf bag hidden under the desk.

Even the generally likable Savannah Guthrie looked like she had just downed a shit sandwich after Omarosa basically told her to shove it where the sun don’t shine during an interview on the Today show this morning.

Omarosa Manigault-Newman appeared irritable and fumed at Savannah Guthrie before abruptly cutting off an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show on Monday morning, claiming she had another interview to get to minutes after proclaiming, “I’ve got all the time you need.”

Manigault-Newman was on the morning show to share a recording of a conversation she says she had with President Trump the day after she was fired by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. Guthrie began the interview by playing the recording and plugging Manigault-Newman’s new book, “Unhinged,” but things quickly turned awkward.

Guthrie asked the former “Apprentice” star if Trump was lying in a tape that was played seconds earlier, but Manigault-Newman wanted to talk about a different topic and started asking rhetorical questions about why Kelly allegedly mistreated her. She also focused on Trump saying “they” run a big operation at the White House.

Guthrie tried to take charge of the chat, but Manigault-Newman barked back, “I’ll get to the second part.”

Guthrie then attempted to ask a follow-up question, but Manigault-Newman shot it down.

If you missed this interview, don’t worry. NBC’s farm team, MSNBC, will be replaying it every hour for the next few days.

Fortunately, for those of us who would like to know what is going on in the world these days, the summer of Omarosa will only last a few days.

Until then, remember that we are living in a time when reality television stars and celebrities dominate the news cycles and control pretty much the national conversation on just about any issue.

So it goes.


Brutus Buckeye Weeps Today

Well, in fairness I guess Brutus Buckeye, the beloved Ohio State University athletics mascot, may not be weeping just yet. But surely he is holding his breath along with many in the extended Ohio State family, waiting to find out the fate of iconic football coach Urban Meyer.


It appears that Meyer, now on paid administrative leave instead of patrolling the pigskin sidelines, may have stepped in some career-ending dog-doo related to domestic abuse allegations involving one of his former assistant coaches.

Here’s from CNN:

Ohio State University football coach and three-time national championship winner Urban Meyer is on paid leave as the school investigates exactly what he knew about the spousal abuse allegations leveled against his longtime assistant.

Courtney Smith, ex-wife of former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith, spoke to Stadium sports network, outlining accusations that Zach Smith on various occasions threw her against a wall, picked her up by her neck, took a golf club to her car and broke her windshield after a recruiting dinner.

It appears the accusations, which Zach Smith denies, center around two incidents, one in 2009 (which Meyer said he knew about) and one in 2015 (which he claims he wasn’t aware of).

Here’s more from CNN:

Zach Smith, grandson of the Hall of Fame former Ohio State head coach Earle Bruce, and his wife moved to the Columbus area in 2012, and “everything went out of control,” Courtney Smith told Stadium. She felt the pressure of his job forced him into a toxic lifestyle, and he became abusive when questioned, she said.
Courtney Smith separated from him in 2015 after eight years of marriage, hoping it would end the abuse, but it didn’t, she said. In the 2015 incident, Zach Smith came to her house wanting to take their son, but it wasn’t his parenting night. She told him no, she recalled.
“When I stood up to him, he didn’t like it. He took me and shoved me up against the wall with his hands around my neck — something he did very often. My daughter was clinging to my leg,” she told Stadium.
She called police after he left with their son, but Zach Smith was never charged, she said. “I don’t know what happened,” she added.
At a news conference last week, Meyer said he was unaware of the 2015 allegations.
“I got a text last night that something happened in 2015, and there was nothing,” Meyer told reporters. “I don’t know who creates a story like that.”

Well, we’ll see. Add into the mix that Meyer’s wife, Shelley, may have known about the allegations in 2015 and the situation gets pretty dicey for Meyer and for the university.

If Coach Meyer knew, he had a moral and contractual obligation to do or say something.

And if he punted on that, then university administrators are going to have a tough time not benching the beloved coach permanently.

Then Brutus Buckeye will  be weeping.


Melania Versus The President: Remote Wars

I guess few marriages exist for any length of time without some disagreements. And it appears the current President and First Lady are in this situation, which often leads to some chilly interactions between the two.


But forget Stormy Daniels and any of the President’s other alleged indiscretions.

It seems to me that Melania and the Prez are quite possibly mostly at odds about who controls the TV remote on Air Force One and possibly other locations in and out of the West Wing.

Here’s from The New York Times:

On the first couple’s recent trip overseas, Melania Trump’s television aboard Air Force One was tuned to CNN. President Trump was not pleased.

He raged at his staff for violating a rule that the White House entourage should begin each trip tuned to Fox — his preferred network over what he considers the “fake news” CNN — and caused “a bit of a stir” aboard Air Force One, according to an email obtained by The New York Times. The email, an internal exchange between officials in the White House Military Office and the White House Communications Agency last Thursday, also called for the ordering of two additional televisions to support Beam, a TiVo-like streaming device, to make sure the president and first lady could both watch TV in their separate hotel rooms when they travel.

Watching TV in their separate hotel rooms when they travel. Wait, is this on the taxpayer’s dime? I digress.

Anyway, is there a husband anywhere who can’t have a little sympathy for the President’s inability to control the TV remote? Yes, let he who has never had the channel switched from a football game to a rerun of General Hospital throw the first stone.

And apparently, Melania is keeping the remote on a short leash.

Again from The New York Times:

On Wednesday, Mrs. Trump’s spokeswoman issued a statement to CNN saying that the first lady watches “any channel she wants.”

Oh, boy. Stay tuned.


Making Sense Of The Surrender Summit

Well, this appears to have been “walk-back” week Inside the Beltway. President Trump says one thing one day about Russian Prez Putin and the lamentable Helsinki Summit only to change direction the next.

Did Trump sell out America and our intelligence community during what has been dubbed the Surrender Summit? Or did he display great leadership by going face-to-face with Putin in a private meeting?


Since  I doubt that Trump has any plan other than to save his own ass, I’ll go with John McCain on this one.


Of course, “disgraceful” and “embarrassment” were hardly the harshest descriptors used by the talking heads on MSNBC who were frothing at the mouth 24/7. And even the administration cheerleaders at Fox News appeared to have some difficulty digesting what had actually happened.

So no. I can’t make sense of what happened in Helsinki. And it doesn’t look like anyone else can either. Note to self: I wonder if Mueller works weekends? I digress.

Anyway, I’m convinced that Russia meddled in our 2016 elections and I don’t see any reason why they won’t have at it again in November. And I’m concerned that we are so consumed by political bickering and obsessed with Trump’s tweets that we are taking our eye off the wrecking ball that may be heading our way in the not-so-distant future.

Here’s from Dan Coats, the current (as of today) Director of National Intelligence, from an article on Fox News:

President Trump should have issued a more full-throated condemnation this week of Russian election meddling in the 2016 presidential election, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said Thursday at the Aspen Security Forum.

But, Coats added, Trump was right to point out this week that Russian interference is just one of many potential threats facing the country.

“I wish he made a different statement,” Coats told his interviewer, NBC host Andrea Mitchell. “it’s undeniable that the Russians are taking a lead on this.

“We’re now learning about the dark side, and it’s pretty ugly,” Coats added. “What we see every day, against our institutions, against our military, against our financial services, against our criticial infrastructure — stretching from those who have major capabilities of doing this, starting with Russia, including China. … Add Iran into that, add ISIS into that.

To twist a line from the Beatles: I read the news today, oh boy.

But wait. Coats has more to say about a looming “Cyber 9/11.”

Still, Coats suggested that the outsize focus on Russian interference risks blinding Americans to other, potentially more serious threats.

“I’m concerned about a cyber-9/11,” Coats said. “Let’s say you shut down Wall Street for a week. What does that do to the world’s markets and people’s investments? … What about an attack on the electric grid in New England in January, that’s sophisticated to take it out for three days. How many people will die?”

Somebody better make sense of all that.

And soon.



Mamas, Go Ahead. Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Rodeo Cowboys

I’ll admit that I don’t know much about the scoring or technical aspects of a rodeo. It seems to me that if you can somehow stay on a bucking horse or bull for a few seconds and still live to tell about it then you deserve all the praise and prize money you can get.

But, alas, there must be more to it than just the ability to hang on for dear life. So I’ll just leave it by stating the obvious. Those cowboys and cowgirls who compete in a rodeo are tremendous athletes. And attending a rodeo is great fun.


I saw my second rodeo — the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo — this past weekend in Colorado Springs at the Norris Penrose Event Center. I assume none of the participants are concerned about Medicare coverage. I digress.

Anyway, the rodeo attracts a large and enthusiastic crowd and it is plenty of fun.

And I expect that rodeos are a throwback to the days before the West became increasingly urbanized and when cowboys and ranchers played a much greater role in the economic and social fabric of communities throughout the region.

Here’s from the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame:

Spanish Roots
Rodeo as we know it did not exist until the late 1800’s, but its roots in North America are traced back to the Spanish settling California and becoming cattle ranchers. The definition of “rodeo” is a Spanish word meaning roundup. The skills of the early Spanish vaqueros were eventually passed along to the American Cowboy after the civil war when the frontier territories were heavily expanding. The difference between Spanish rodeo and American rodeo is that the Spanish version focuses on style, while the American version focuses on speed.

Wild West Shows
In the late 1800’s, Wild West Shows began traveling the eastern states and did so for about 50 years. Today’s rodeos are an offspring of these early shows that featured great cowboys such as Buffalo Bill Cody and Bill Pickett, who invented bulldogging. The early 1900’s marked the introduction of the Wild West Show overseas when the shows performed in England and Africa.Casey Tibbs took the Wild West Show to the World’s Fair in Brussels, Belgium. The cowboys in these shows were paid performers and it wasn’t a contest like modern rodeos.

I have no idea how difficult it is to support yourself and your family by competing in rodeos. Or how long you can reasonably expect your career to last.

But it sure looks like a fun and independent lifestyle for those who have the talent, energy and access to a good back brace.


Oh, Please. Not The Danish

Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, has a way with words. She also has an incredibly difficult and demanding job, trying to explain the actions of a President and administration that often defies explanations.

I know how tough it is to be in a position where it is expected that you can constantly “polish a turd” without somehow seeing your credibility sink into the crapper. For many years I was the primarily spokesperson for a large American corporation. And trust me. Plenty of turds, cultivated by management, managed to float to my desk in search of a proper destination.

Fortunately, unlike Sanders, I didn’t have to clean up the mess daily, or in front of the national media on TV.

So in many ways I give her credit for her quick — if somewhat laughable — explanation for Chief of Staff John Kelly’s response to President Trump’s tongue lashing to our NATO allies and to Germany in particular this week.

Here’s from USA Today:

John Kelly was annoyed he couldn’t get a “full breakfast” in Brussels on Wednesday.

At least that was the explanation from White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders when asked about the apparently agitated body language displayed by President Donald Trump’s chief of staff during a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Sanders told The Washington Post that Kelly “was displeased because he was expecting a full breakfast and there were only pastries and cheese.”

A number of news outlets, including the Post, speculated that Kelly’s body language was related to the remarks Trump was making at the time about Germany being “totally controlled by Russia.”

I don’t know. It looked to me like Kelly had just chewed on a shit sandwich. Maybe next time someone could at least offer up a German pretzel.

Or an omelette.


A Stormy Night In Ohio

Well, it looks like Stormy Daniels will get her day in court after all. But it’s most likely not the one she was expecting, or the one most of the nation is looking forward to seeing.

It appears that Daniels, the retired porn actress who alleges that she had an affair with President Trump and then received a substantial payment to keep her mouth shut about it, was arrested Thursday night while performing at a strip club in Ohio. Note: Of course it was Ohio. Where else in the nation could this possibly happen? I digress.

Anyway, here is the CNN account of the story:

(CNN)Adult film actress Stormy Daniels was arrested early Thursday at an Ohio strip club for allegedly touching three undercover detectives during her performance in violation of state law.

Daniels, who gained notoriety after suing President Donald Trump following an alleged affair, faces three misdemeanor counts of illegally touching a patron, court records show.
She posted a $6,054 bail and was released Thursday morning, and is due to be arraigned Friday morning, records show.
Oh, Stormy. Let’s hope this doesn’t put a damper on the more pressing court appearance with the President.

Beer And Happy Places

I spent a delightful day last Saturday, July 7, at Breckenridge, attending that community’s annual beer festival. Breckenridge is one of the happiest places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit. And since it’s only about a two hour drive from my home in Woodland Park, Breckenridge is a neat little mountain ski town that serves as a delightful venue for a short get-out-of-town vacation.

And sampling craft beer from about 50 vendors from Colorado and other parts of the United States, while being surrounded by mountains at more than 9,000 feet and with music pumping in the background, certainly adds to the experience.


Since moving to Colorado from Ohio I find I am more inclined to go to these kind of events. I guess it has something to do with the near perfect weather, long stretches of blue sky and sunlight, and low humidity.

Also, the mindset of people living in and visiting Colorado is different. Given the excuse to get outside, they appear all too pleased to take it. Me included.

And when you add beer to the mix, well, it’s a pretty happy place.


No Farting Allowed

Well, the Fourth of July holiday has come and gone. And this year proved a little different celebration than in the past.

In the extended Woodland Park community, like much of Colorado, a fire ban is in effect that prohibits just about anything that might trigger a wildfire.

And that’s a good thing, since those of us in Teller County had a pretty good scare with the Chateau fire in Florissant burning for a few days, causing evacuations and the loss of homes and other structures. Fortunately, as I write this that fire is mostly contained.

Other parts of Colorado, and throughout the West in general, are still fighting fires, or  residents are keeping their fingers crossed that their community won’t be next. So while the fire bans placed a modest damper on some of the Fourth of July activities, I get the sense that few people — especially those with brains and common sense — are complaining too much.

No fireworks. No problem.


While you can’t cook outside with propane, charcoal or over an open campfire, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

And the restrictions are tough with zero tolerance for violators.

So tough, in fact, that you may want to consider not even farting these days near the national and state parks. Or I guess anywhere else for that matter.


Alaska: The Last Clean Frontier

I spent a few weeks this summer visiting Alaska, called by many “the last frontier.” It is an amazing state, populated by scenic venues and from what I could tell generally friendly people.


It is also an environmentally friendly and extremely clean state. Everywhere we stopped there were messages about recycling and taking care of and protecting the environment. And I didn’t see any trash anywhere, despite the crush of tourists that head to the state at this time of the year.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about my hometown of Woodland Park and Colorado these days in general. Residents and tourists alike now seem to have forgotten what made this part of the world so spectacular: a clean environment that everyone could enjoy.

These days you can hike or walk in just about any trail or neighborhood and come back with a sack full of trash, ranging from paper wrappers to cigarette butts. And the nearby forests and parks appear to be the dumping ground of choice for used appliances, worn tires and so on.


Locally, groups such as Focus on the Forest do an amazing job with limited resources to call attention to the trash problem and to actually help clean up the mess. Woodland Park holds an annual city-wide cleanup where volunteers canvas the community and make a temporary dent in what seems to me to be a growing problem.

But maybe we need to develop more of the Alaskan mindset. A clean environment is really a resource that we can’t afford to squander. And Alaska doesn’t have to be the last or only clean frontier.