Making America Great Again. Well, Not Quite

Okay. I’m no fan of the current occupant of the White House. At best he is just a clown, an embarrassment that will be erased in November. At worst he is a dangerous doofus whose lack of leadership skills has put the entire country in crisis.


Oh well. Was Trump the lessor of two evils in 2016? Or was it Hillary? I digress.

In any event, Trump promised to Make America Great Again. So how is he doing?

Well let’s see.

As I write this, some 40 million Americans are unemployed, the most since the Great Depression.

The virus that POTUS dismissed a few months ago has now killed more than 100,000 Americans, and the count is going to keep increasing.

And many American cities are being patrolled by the National Guard these days as protestors are burning and looting in the wake of another unarmed black man being murdered by police.

Wow. That’s a performance review that would have most employees standing in some serious dog-doo.

But not Trump. His supporters still love him for reasons that escape most of us who still have the ability to think.


Michelle Goldberg opines in the NYT, “America Is a Tinderbox. Scenes From a Country in Freefall”:

The last two and a half months in America have felt like the opening montage in a dystopian film about a nation come undone. First the pandemic hit and hospitals in New York City were overwhelmed. The national economy froze and unemployment soared; one in four American workers has applied for unemployment benefits since March. Lines of cars stretched for miles at food banks. Heavily armed lockdown protesters demonstrated across the country; in Michigan, they forced the Capitol to close and legislators to cancel their session. Nationwide, at least 100,000 people died of a disease almost no one had heard of last year.

Trump apparently is a TV fan. I wonder if he watches the classics?